Near the border of the Danube river you’ll find the new Elica Yard, a company site of 20,000 m², of which 15,000 m² are work and storage places. Seven rolling cranes, all around 10 tons, newly laid floors, with underfloor heating, solar panels, insulated walls and roof.


Installed cnc robots (7-axis) on rails to cut plugs, yours and ours, 3-axis cnc robots for cutting flat plates. A full vacuum installation as well as a compressor installation. Spare generators so vacuum resin-infusions cannot never be disturbed by faltering electricity supply.


Special equipment for vacuum infusion flat panels, with a maximum surface area of 12 to 4m. We use only unidirectional lamination,  ideal for flat surfaces and bulkheads in one piece, lighter and stronger. Even vacuum compressed plates with both sides flat and gelcoated.


The Elica Yard is also provided on making carbon pieces, such as carbon Park Avenue Booms, masts and ultralight settees. For unique items that require complicated machines, Elica Elevator, the parent company,  is completely installed, has all the necessary personnel, the needed  top-knowledge and experience.


Because our target is high, the yard is in constant developing and adapting. To be able to  build the high-quality catamaran Omaya 50 Powerboat, the Fast Dondra sailboat serie,  and boats and molds for third parties. High quality level, at a reasonable cost.



Since summer 2020 Jan Verroken is buidling up the new Elica Shipyard. He started 20 years ago in Belgium, in the lovely city of Ghent, near the water. Brazapi was the name of the shipyard. Several Brazapi-catamarans where made in Ghent, but the high Belgian wage cost forced us to look out for another location.


After moving to the Paradise Island,  Sri Lanka the name Brazapi became Barramundi. People were trained, boats were built, but pirates made export very difficult. Security measures against pirates became an exorbitant additional cost , so the export stopped.


During these years a good collaboration was growing between Erik Lerouge , Franck de Rivoyre and Jan Verroken.


Based on on a solid basis of years of experience and a lot of expertise, an adapted shipyard has been  built in Silistra, on the banks of the Danube, this in cooperation with Elica Yard founded by Elica-Elevator.


Elica Yard is built to reach a high level in composite building for 2 series of catamarans: The Elica series : a  Power 50 and 60 feet, a 40 feet sailing yacht for relaxation and leisure  and The Dondra range which stands for fast sail catamarans to live in and sail wherever.


Silistra, the location of  Elica Yard, makes the transport over the Danube to the north of Europe, and over the Black sea to the Mediterranean, and wherever further, easy.


For those cases where transport is still too difficult or too expensive we developed a Dondra puzzle–catamaran that can be send in normal containers and put together by the owner in about two months.