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TeamGaebler Sailing News – China Kids are ready to sail Multihulls


Our sailing year had a lot of sportive highlights. Great victories at the major championships and spectacular races. But some moments we never forget.


Since many years, our mission is to support kids and youngsters to learn and enjoy sailing with Multihulls. This year in China/Qingdao, where we had the Extreme40s and the Tornados aside in one place to show Chinese kids what they can sail if they follow their talents.


In Qingdao, the two of the most exiting multihull sailing classes were together. The original Olympic Tornado from the Games 2008 and the double sized Extreme40 Multihulls. The Formula-1 of Olympic Sailing and Grand Prix Yachting on one place. The perfect location to show sailing the best way for girls and boys and to motivate the talents.


Also we did some RC boat racing and games in the pool with the kids in front of the Olympic maritime museum. We went into the school to show the fascination of our sport with nice videos and photos. We explain that each kid has a great talent to sail, race and win.


Later on, the kids watched the Extreme Sailing Series with the ultrafast boats. We saw the shining eyes and smiling faces of the kids. After that, they went straight out sailing with hundreds of Optimist Dinghies to start training.


After the experience with us, they have also the dream to sail multihulls in future Olympics. These kids and youngsters are also very open to mixed sailing and the love to fly with multihulls above the waves.


We motivated them to follow their dreams and trust in their individual talents. Also they should learn to be a team player, respect the nature and enjoy the technique of the boats.